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Look back at prior review years and goals to see how much ground you and your team have covered.

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Protected by two-way encryption, your staff's private data is safe and sound.

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Set church values, organizational goals, and review cycle dates for your ministry's specific needs.


Team members and their leaders work together to plan goals, evaluate results, remedy failures, and cheer successes.


Team members and their leaders can store comments directly in the review.

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Import employees

Upload staff records directly from Excel or CSV, or input them by hand.

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Performance review cycle guide

Set parameters for your review process, and Develop.Me guides your entire staff through it as a team.

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No paperwork

Fill out comment fields and save them right in the tool. Never print, shred, or file again.

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Effortlessly handles organizational structures across multiple campuses and locations.

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We're here for you

Develop.Me is free, but it will never feel cheap. We're passionate about offering the happiest help support and the highest quality experience.

Our Help Desk is full of how-to's and video tutorials, or you can talk with one of our Happiness Specialists via email or Twitter anytime.


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