It's how we're wired

We pick up the phone, put meetings on the calendar, and pull up our chairs so we can talk about reaching our goals together.

We have a culture of development.

We needed a performance review tool that lined up with our culture. So, we built Develop.Me for our church…and yours.

The Development Process

The annual performance review is only part of the story—growth needs to be cultivated all year long. Develop.Me guides your team through a process that enriches their productivity, their relationships, and their impact on eternity.


During the first phase of the development process, team members and their leaders evaluate the past year's successes and failures.


Next, they work together to create specific goals designed to build upon wins and improve weaknesses.

Step Forward

The third phase of the review process creates focused, intentional goals—the game plan for the team member's upcoming year.

  • Improve public speaking skills

  • Take a leadership course

  • Complete a Bible study plan on integrity

  • Create team-building opportunities for my team

Developing Eternity

We're passionate about development in the Church because we're passionate about the mission of the Church: reaching people for Christ. When eternity is in the balance, why wouldn't we want the strongest, healthiest, most fully developed Church possible?